Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Actress Brooke Lewis

Brooke Lewis won a Golden Cob Award for “Best Scream Queen” for her performance in the 2010 cult horror hit “Slime City Massacre” securing her name as one of the top actresses in the horror genre. In addition to creating her web series Ms. Vampy’s Teen Tawk, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young women on a deeper level, so she got certified to be a life coach. Here are some of Brooke’s favorite places in America…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Philadelphia (GO EAGLES!) because I am a Philly chick and my family is there, but I gotta tell ya, we have to add New York City, Los Angeles (my home), Las Vegas, Austin, Napa and New Orleans to my list. You will notice they are all cities with fabulous restaurants and food…no wonder I am “voluptuous”…LOL! I simply love bright lights, big cities, famous chefs and glam! I think Napa is romantic with a French touch. And I find nothing sexier than the mystery, music and mayhem of New Orleans!

The first thing I do when I go to Philadelphia is…EAT!!! Seriously, I am such a foodie so when I travel I research the newest, hottest and most delish places to eat and make reservations ahead of time. When my girlfriends and I travel, we find the hottest hotel bars to grab a relaxing cocktail. When we hit Austin and New Orleans, we find music. Honestly, I am such a travel geek and still love to take bus tours and sightsee. And no matter how long I have been in Los Angeles, I must grab a Geno’s steak and soft pretzel when I get back to Philly!

Everyone should visit…New York City…at least once. I have traveled the US.. a bunch and really feel like there is no other place like NYC. The city is its own character! There is so much energy, culture, art, history, food, music, clubs, fashion and some of the most incredible restaurants in the world! There is nothing more magical to me than watching a Broadway musical. I find NYC to be a very romantic city…and I am a sucker for romance 😉

Nashville…is a pleasant surprise. Honestly, a girlfriend and I hit Nashville several years ago and although I expected to enjoy it, I never imagined I would have such a blast! We met some super cool people and they took us to an awesome cigar bar and dance club. I also never expected to enjoy Dallas as much as I did! I have been a guest at Texas Frightmare Weekend a few times and Dallas has some of the most “killer” horror fans in the U.S.! The folks in Dallas have always been incredibly hospitable. However, you won’t catch me cheering for the Cowboys (GO EAGLES!).

I can’t choose just one favorite restaurant to eat at in the U.S. I am such a carnivore, so steakhouses are my all-time fave! I totally love CUT, but could eat at Mastro’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills every night! 🙂 My family recently took me to Mario Batali’s Carnevino in Vegas and we had one of the best meals EVER (Thanks Dad, Nadine, Jay and B.J.! ).

The best place to find…Lobster Mashed Potatoes is at Mastro’s Steakhouse Beverly Hills. Lobster and seasoning to die for! Also the Grand Plateau seafood tower at Bouchon Beverly Hills is huge and yummy. Both these dishes are fishylicious!!!

There are so many great towns people may not know about to visit…First, I want to give props to my East Coast roots from Philly, Jersey and New York…New Hope, PA and Cape May, NJ are quaint, peaceful and pretty. Astoria, Queens, NY has the greatest Greek food in the US. Hoboken, NJ has some of the best bars. Out West, you must visit lovely Laguna, the spa-delicious Palm Desert and sip wine in Santa Barbara.

Jackson Hole Diner…is a great truck stop. It’s on Astoria Blvd. in Queens, NY. and I love this place because they have the most insane burgers and “Goodfellas” was shot there and I love my mobster movies!

My favorite airport in the US is…McCarran, Las Vegas, because I can play slot machines while I wait and Burbank because it is quick, easy and celebs everywhere.

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