Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Composer Megan Cavallari

Megan Cavallari has more than a 100 film scores as performer, arranger, conductor, or composer and is working on a new animated musical film project called “Jacob Marley” with director Russ Francis. She’s the official composer of the L.A. Kings and also working with producer/composer Jonathon McHugh on a new opera about WWII hero Irena Sandler (who rescued 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto), which will debut with the Angel City Chorus. Here are her favorite places in the country… Continue reading

LO-RES-Adam-Photo Cred Brian Doremus

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Filmmaker Adam Shell

With testimony from experts in the field of mindfulness, psychology, art, sociology, religion, and cultural studies, “Pursuing Happiness” is a crash course in what makes us our best, and the film brings Adam Shell into contact with the growing worldwide “happiness movement.”  With successful screenings at several film festivals (which lead to an appearance  at the United Nations and on “The Today Show”), the film will be released in select theatres this spring and on demand and streaming services throughout 2016.  Here are Adam’s favorite places in the country…

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