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Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Gipsy on Discovery’s “The Devils Ride”

Discovery Channel debuted a new reality show “The Devils Ride” this month which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and has been referred to as the real life “Sons of Anarchy.” It’s a look at the San Diego motorcycle club “Laffing Devils.” Gipsy, part-time bounty hunter who rides a 42 Road King Custom, had several tours in Iraq and longed for the brotherhood he had in the Marines, so he started the club. Here are Gipsy’s favorite places in America…

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Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Traci Dinwiddie

Traci Dinwiddie has been in movies such as “The Notebook,” but when she joined the cast of CW’s “Supernatural” she reached a larger fanbase as a recurring guest on the sci-fi series and  quickly became a fan favorite. Among other interests, she is also a yogini. Here are some of her favorite places in the country… Continue reading

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Leftover Cuties

Los Angeles-based band Leftover Cuties evokes a seductive kind of modern noir pop. They just showcased at SXSW, where they were also invited by Miles Davis’ family to perform in an event. Their debut album “Places to Go” is out now and you might recognize the band’s sound.

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