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Easy Anytime Chocolate Croissant

Sometimes you’re craving for a quick “homemade” dessert. Trader Joe’s sells puff pastry and it comes in a box of two sheets and it’s always handy to have puff pastry in the freezer for that spontaneous sweet tooth. And who doesn’t always keep a chocolate bar around? I’ve seen derivatives of this recipe and this is ours. It’s a great last minute easy chocolate croissant… Continue reading

The Ultimate Food Porn, Ramen and Tampopo…

A friend posted a scene from Tampopo online the other day and just seeing it made me want a bowl of homemade ramen and had to settle for the instant kind. This film always elicits the inevitable hankering for a bowl of miso or shoyu ramen after every viewing. This is an awesome classic from Juzo Itami. Just don’t watch it if you’re remotely hungry or if you don’t have a bag of instant ramen around or a nearby noodle shop. This is the ultimate food porn/foodie movie… Continue reading