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Made in America: Burt’s Bees…and Corporate America

As I sit here listening to Peter Mulvey’s new CD “Silver Ladder” (see his Celebrity Travel Spotlight) I am in disbelief that my favorite toothpaste Burt’s Bees Multicare Flouride toothpaste – something one takes for granted – has been discontinued.  But! It’s available online for $22 a tube and even $95 for 2 tubes.

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Made in the USA: WolffWorks Artisan Shop in Nevis, Minn.

After retiring, Gary and Marsha Wolff found themselves making so much jewelry, mosaic and pottery, that they needed an outlet. So five years ago they opened up WolffWorks Artisan Shop on Paul Bunyan Drive, the only gift shop in this small Minnesota town of Nevis. Thanks for entering this giveaway! We emailed the winner… Continue reading