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Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Musician Jason Young

Musician Jason Young writes, sings and plays all the instruments on his solo project Heartour, which recently released its fourth album “Submarine Sounds” featuring tracks like “Yaaay!,” “Someday” and “Good Thing.” He is also the drummer of popular Los Angeles rock band The Ruse, which is currently in the studio finishing up a new EP due out later this year. Jason enjoys travel and has a passion for whiskey and all libations from Kentucky bourbon to smoky scotch. As a musician traveling far and wide, Jason has toured this great country many times over. Continue reading

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Steve-O

We all know Steve-O from his crazy stunts on MTV’s “Jackass.” But lately, he’s been adding to his career, by doing stand-up, writing a New York Times bestseller, and being one of the few comedians chosen to be on the epic Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen. He’s also been sober for a few years and is a dedicated vegan. Having seen much of the U.S., Steve-O took time out of his busy schedule to share his top places to visit in this great country… Continue reading

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Storm Chaser Sean Casey

Sean Casey, an IMAX filmmaker, is one of the stars of Discovery Channel’s wildly popular “Storm Chasers.” As a fearless storm chaser whose day job is to hunt down and chronicle tornadoes, much of his time is spent traversing vast parts of this country. That means when he is not in Los Angeles, where he is based, he gets to see a lot of this great country. So as a modern day hunter-gatherer, who better to ask than Casey on what are his top spots to visit in this great country!  Continue reading