Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Nashville band Maradeen

Nashville band Maradeen just released their new album “Above the Horizon” which combines jazz-infused arrangements with a Southern rock flavor. Here are some of their favorite places in the U.S….

 My favorite place to visit in the U.S. is...New Orleans! I love the food, music, and atmosphere. Always something to do and it,s like vacation all day, every day.

The first thing I do when I go to …New Orleans… is…Eat crawfish or some type of seafood po boy.

Everyone should visit…New Orleans…at least once…because it’s always a party! The culture is very proud and vibrant. Everyone there seems to be having the time of their lives.
It’s probably not too much of a surprise…but I love the North Carolina beaches and mountains. Boone, Asheville, Wilmington, and Morehead City. I’m from N.C., so they are dear to me but my friends from other states aren’t nearly as familiar as one might expect. NC has the best of both worlds!

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Toro in Boston, MA. It’s Spanish tapas, so you don’t have to commit to one dish. Every bite taken is memorable.

The best place to find…lobster rolls…is at…Neptune Oyster in Boston, MA. Because the lobster is fresh and they pre-butter the rolls!
A great town people may not know about that they should visit is… 
Bridgeport, CT. My band, Maradeen, plays there a bunch and they have amazing seafood and friendly people. We spent a few off days there on a tour and found plenty of neat activities to do. 

QT outside of Atlanta, GAis a great truck stop. Inexpensive gas, milkshakes, and a soda fountain that knows no limits.

My favorite airport in the U.S. is…I’m partial to the Nashville airport because it is home. I’m either going there to head off for a vacation or landing to get home. It is small and easy, and a 12 minute drive from my house.