Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Australian band The Lovely Days

Australian band The Lovely Days, who have a new self-titled debut EP out now, feature feel-good harmonies delivered by the two brothers in this four-piece band. Here are some of their favorite places in the U.S….

 My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…New York., because the rumours are true.. It really doesn’t sleep! I believe it has the highest percentage of sleep walkers on their phone & eating a bagel than anywhere else in the world.

The first thing I do when I go to (above place) is I go to…A hot dog cart and get two hot dogs. Apparently there was a shortage crisis after we left.. I think we ate them all!

Everyone should visit …Williamsburg in Brooklyn…at least once… because it has an infectious atmosphere.. The vibe is cruisy, groovy and hip.

Nashville…is a pleasant surprise…because everyone here is super friendly and welcoming. And the hot wings are real hawwwt!

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Johny’s Luncheonette because Johny’s a true gentleman and the experience is proper old-school New York dining…Get the pancakes!!

The best place to find…If you’re falafel fanatics like us go to Mamoun’s Falafel house in Greenwich Village. Afterwards you think, “Far out, those four falafel’s were filling.. But they were flippin’ fabulous!”

A great town people may not know about but should visit are is…Millbrook.. A beautiful little town upstate New York. Tight-knit community vibes.. Lush getaway from the big busy city.

My favorite airport in the US is…LAX because it means next stop is HOME.