Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Composer Megan Cavallari

Megan Cavallari has more than a 100 film scores as performer, arranger, conductor, or composer and is working on a new animated musical film project called “Jacob Marley” with director Russ Francis. She’s the official composer of the L.A. Kings and also working with producer/composer Jonathon McHugh on a new opera about WWII hero Irena Sandler (who rescued 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto), which will debut with the Angel City Chorus. Here are her favorite places in the country…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…San Francisco. It has beautiful parks, museums, buildings, bridge and the food is wonderful.

The first thing I do when I go to San Francisco is I go to…Fog City Diner.

Everyone should visit …San Francisco… at least once. It’s great for romance or families. It has a great orchestra and wonderful tiny neighborhoods so you can explore, it has a parks and water everywhere, you can see the sea lions at a Pier, go and have a great meal somewhere, take the Bart to Berkeley there are endless opportunities.

A place that really surprised me was…Oxnard. It’s a Pacific coast town on the Pacific. It’s not fancy like Malibu, packed with tourists like Laguna. It’s not far from L.A. but it feels like it is. I also love the Topanga fire road. It is great for hiking. When I run it it’s on a full moon which lights the pathway. The the sun comes up and the ocean is on the left and the valley light are coming on.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Vedge. It is the best vegan place on earth. They make everything special. It’s elevated vegan food. The Gadarene Swine, in Studio City, is an amazing restaurant. The fact that it’s vegan doesn’t matter. The food tastes great! I also love Moby’s place “Little Pine.”

The best place to find…The best place to find vegan food, I get the mushroom pasta with caramelized tomatoes, basil and garlic. It is off of Locust Street. If you eat cheese streak everyone knows that GINO’s is better than PAT’S. They are next to each other. The line moves fast than you think and there are always lines.So stand in Gino’s and listen to that Philly accent.

Some great towns people may not know about that they should visit are…Philadelphia and the Brandywine Valley are beautiful places. They are very historic. There are the underground railroad, the revolutionary war, the constitution and also the Flyers. Four Dogs Tavern is one of the best restaurants in the West Chester area. The Amish country is also very close.

The best trucks stops…are not in the U.S., they are in Italy where they have excellent Illy coffee and wonderful food. I went to one that serves fresh salad with Fini vinegar and this years harvest olive oil.

 My favorite airport in the US is…Burbank. It is small and mellow. Your car can be valeted a few feet to you.Everyone there is happy because they are not at LAX.