Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Filmmaker Adam Shell

With testimony from experts in the field of mindfulness, psychology, art, sociology, religion, and cultural studies, “Pursuing Happiness” is a crash course in what makes us our best, and the film brings Adam Shell into contact with the growing worldwide “happiness movement.”  With successful screenings at several film festivals (which lead to an appearance  at the United Nations and on “The Today Show”), the film will be released in select theatres this spring and on demand and streaming services throughout 2016.  Here are Adam’s favorite places in the country…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit isSomewhere I haven’t been.  This country is filled with so many amazing places and different cultures that you could spend a lifetime traveling and never se it all.  Although there are many place I like to return to there is nothing better than making new discoveries about what this great country has to offer.  
The first thing I do when I go…somewhere I haven’t been…Find a great place to eat.  Some local fare.  
Everyone should visit…The Grand Canyon…at least once 
The Grand Canyon.  Not only is it spectacularly beautiful it is an amazing reminder of how powerful and extraordinary mother nature really is.  It helps to put things in perspective to realize that we truly are just living on this planet. 
Breaux Bridge, LA …is a pleasant surprise…With everything we hear on the news about how things are falling apart and the racial and social lines are getting further apart here lies a community so dedicated to the ideals of what a community really is that is just a breath of fresh air.  I will go back again and again.
 My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Oh man, food is one of my passions.  I love to eat.  Picking a favorite is kinda unfair cause even if it was the best meal I ever ate I wouldn’t really want to eat that meal for the rest of my life.   But just to name a few of my favorites.  The Apple Pan in Los Angeles for Burgers, Asanebo in Los Angeles for Sushi, Salt Lick in Austin for BBQ, Dan Tana’s, In Los Angeles. Ok Clearly I spend most of my time in LA.
The best place to find…sushi. in Los Angeles…is in…Studio CIty. Sushi is definitely one of my favortie food and I have had the cheapest, $6.99 all you can eat and the most expensive, $900 per person Omakase.  But hands down the best place to get the average priced Sushi dinner with tons of amazing options is right in my own back yard.  Maybe that is why I live here.
Some great towns people may not know about that they should visit are…Fargo, ND.  Oklahoma City – Hit it in the summer time.  Detroit, MI Contrary to what you might believe it is really up and coming.  Eugene, OR – great food scene. Austin, TX – Just awesome.  Sedona, AZ – AAHHHHH, Talk about relaxing.
My favorite airport in the U.S. is…the ones that don’t operate like airports.  The small ones.  I love it when I go up to the desk to check in and the person that helps me is the same person who will board the flight, unload the luggage and rent you a car.  That way you really don’t feel like you are in an airport at all and you never have to explain things twice.  Devils Lake, ND is like that…Just don’t go there hungry cause they ain’t got no food.  As for big airports…They kind of drive me crazy but if I have to pick DFW is amazing and massive and you can really explore if you have the time…they have great transportation throughout.  On the other end of he spectrum LAX is probably my least favorite airport in the world.  I truly hate that place.