Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Baha Men

The Baha Men are back!   After a 10 year absence, they band is celebrating their first release this summer “Night & Day” with their new three record deal with Sony. The band best known for their Grammy winning mega-hit “Who Let The Dog’s Out” are gearing up to tour the United States later this year. Here are some of vocalist Rik Carey favorite places in America…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Los Angeles. It’s a fun city, especially on Hollywood Blvd. where there’s always something going on. I also enjoy going to Beverly Hills, not just because of the shopping, but it’s always interesting just watching all the activity surrounding me when I’m dining outside with my friends. Everything from exotic rides, the fashion and of course the beautiful Ladies that pass along the streets.

BAHA MEN Press PhotoThe first thing I do when I go to Los Angeles is I go to…my favorite hotel is The Grafton on Sunset Blvd. The first thing I always do is go searching for food. There is a really cool 1950’s style Diner not too far from that hotel that I often went to for breakfast. Some of the best Cinnamon French Toast I’ve ever tasted…..Period!

New York City…is a pleasant surprise…because it’s because of the multicultural blend of people that you see, the tall buildings and bright lights everywhere when your in Time Square, the hustle and bustle of that fast life…but what stands out the most to me over the years that I always loved about NYC is the smell of honey roasted cashews, peanuts and almonds from the vendors on every corner.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Ruby Foo’s in NYC. I’m a fan of Asian dishes. They make a badass pad-thai.

Some great towns people may not know about that they should visit are…the long drives in the country side of Arizona, Las Vegas. It’s beautiful and very peaceful. Great time to write and create music on the tour bus. Something about those mountains, the reddish colored sand and the way the sun set’s out there in that part of the world.

BAHA MEN Press Photo (Extra)Favorite Truck Stop? This question is a hard one because I can’t stand truck stops. The food is mostly awful and not too many options unless there is a Subway or Quiznos involved. Ha!

My favorite airport in the US is…any airport that has a less than one hour waiting time to check-in . I may by out of luck with this one unless I get back to “Superstar Status” again for our security to walk us through……No problems man!