Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska and other places…

As you think about new places to visit and ideas to road trip this year or anytime…try some of these places…

CarhenCarhenge1ge is a must visit in Alliance, Nebraska! On the western edge of the Sandhills of Nebraska, it’s a vintage car replica of England’s mystical Stonehenge. Or if you’re coming from far away to visit Nebraska during the annual sandhill crane migration in early spring, perhaps plan a visit to Carhenge as well.
National Parks…under Teddy Roosevelt, five National Parks were created, doubling the exisiting number. Roosevelt slept under the stars with another John Muir, another hero for saving our natural treasures. Check out the wonderful PBS documentary by Ken Burns as well.
The town of Buffalo, WY is interesting…you can stay at the Occidental Hotel, where Butch Cassidy and the gang stayed. In Jackson there was a neat chocolatier CocoLove, where one of only two “master chocolatiers” in the U.S. is working and making chocolate.
If you’re in Estes Park, Colorado…there is the historic Stanley Hotel where Steven King stayed. The Stanley was the inspiration behind “The Shining.” Didn’t see or feel any ghosts, but felt lots of history and good vibes!