Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Stukenberg

Austin-based rock outfit Stükenberg is set to release its third album “Novella” Nov. 12. With a sound characterized by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist frontman David Stükenberg as Appalachian rock, this CD is inspired by early Fleetwood Mac’s melodies and the distorted, almost-Pentecostal energy of a church service led by Rage Against the Machine. Here are his favorite places in America, including where to get incredible mole…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Alaska, without a doubt. The geography is stunning, the people are wonderful and you can take your dog with you anywhere.

Stukenberg3The first thing I do when I go to Alaska is…hug my friends and go on a night hike immediately followed by a bonfire, of course.

Everyone should visit…the Grand Canyonat least once because…it truly is all the things everyone says it is. I did not understand the definition of breathtaking until watching the sun go down over this majestic hole in the earth.

Marfa, Texas…is a pleasant surprise. It’s a thriving artistic mecca in the middle of the desert, and you can camp in tee pee hotels. What else could you ask for.

My favorite restaurant to eat at in the U.S. is…Glenn’s Diner in Chicago because of the service and quality. The potato pancakes alone are worth the trip. The restaurant provides a great feeling of nostalgia for me.

You can find incredible mole…at Curra’s Grill in Austin. It’s a hole in the wall Mexican place that has, hands down, the best Tex-Mex I Stukenberg1have ever consumed.

A great town people should visit and support is…Madison, Wisconsin. The city is between two lakes making it very walkable. The farmers market is enormous and most of the restaurants serve only local meats and produce. Plus….New Glarus beer!

Buc-ee’s off of North I-35 outside of San Antonio, TX…is a great truck stop…because it’s bigger than WalMart. Plus, where else can you purchase pickled quail eggs?