Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Comic Jordan Pease

At just 22, comedian Jordan Pease is pretty booked doing gigs. He won the Punchline Bay Area Comics competition and the Funniest New Comic in L.A. competition in 2012 and frequently performs in top venues like the Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory.

There aren’t many gay comics who would leap at the chance to perform for a crowd of military veterans or suburban Latinos.  But where some might see a potentially resistant audience, Jordan sees a new potential group of friends ready to laugh.

Here are some of Jordan’s favorite places in America…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…hands down San Francisco. There is something about the cool, brisk air year round that reeks of sex appeal and fashion. It’s the perfect combination of New York attitude and Los Angeles freedom. To me, San Francisco is the closest thing we have to a bohemian European city.

The first things I do when I arrive in San Francisco…are lie in the grass of Dolores Park and share a beer and some laughs with close friends.

Everyone should visit…San Francisco at least once to experience a city with true heart and soul. If you want outgoing, if you want friendly, if you want open and free love, San Francisco is where you need to be.

Boise, Idaho was…beyond a pleasant surprise. Cheap drinks, homemade food, totally walk-able. The green hills and surplus of wildflowers surrounding the city is almost as breathtaking as the rivers that outline it’s perimeter.

My favorite restaurant is…Stewart’s in Spotswood, New Jersey. Girls on roller skates, greasy fries, and drive-up service. Eat in your car, eat on the patio, or chow down inside surrounded by flies and truckers. Filthy, yet delicious. The meal always ends in an epic story.

The best place to find authentic Mexican food…is on the corner of La Brea and Olympic mid-city Los Angeles. Right on the corner there is a taco stand/food truck called El Chato. Try their carnitas tacos and have your mind blown! They’re more addicting than cocaine! Fresh pico-de-galo, guacamole, radish and onion on two corn tortillas… I’m sold! Luckily I live a few blocks away. It’s a great 3 a.m., drunk and stumbling fourth meal.

If possible, everyone should spend a night in…Fort Bragg, California. It’s a northern coast beach that is seemingly untouched. It’s pretty crisp all year with some bite in the wind, but it’s breathtaking. The forest cuts off where the cliffs start! Giant redwoods and spruce trees line the town roads, along with hole in the wall bars and family owned diners. The ocean is royal blue, and the sand is made of glass. I’m not kidding- all glass. There is “glass beach”, an ocean inlet that dumps thousands of pieces of sea glass onto the sand all year long! The entire town is like an M. Night Shyamalan film. It’s eerie yet epic.

The best truck stops are…where Route 12 meets Route 730 in northeast Oregon. Right along the Columbia River Highway. Not because of the food or the lodging. Go mid summer, and you’ll know why. It’s sunny till 10pm with a sunset that looks like painting. There is something just so American about this conjunction. Railroad tracks, a crystal-clear river and a 2 lane highway. It’s a must see as well.

Best Airport…? There is no such thing.