Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Ada-Nicole Sanger of ‘Grown Ups 2’

Ada-Nicole Sanger returns to play Kevin James’ daughter in the summer’s much anticipated sequel Grown Ups 2 in theaters this Friday. Grown Ups 2 also features Adam Sandler, who produced it, as well as Chris Rock, David Spade and Selma Hayek. 

Watching classic idols such as Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds and Julie Andrews, Ada-Nicole was inspired to follow her dreams of acting. Her first film was Grown Ups and she was later cast in Wes Anderson’s Oscar nominated Moonrise Kingdom. Here are some of Ada-Nicole’s favorite places in the country…

My favorite place to visit in the U.S. is…Jackson Hole, Wyoming because I absolutely love the beautiful scenery, large mountain ranges and amazing wildlife.

I also love New York City. The lights, energy and Broadway shows are an amazing experience. It’s a great place to visit for a long weekend.

When we arrive in Jackson…we immediately head to Teton Village and drive along Moose-Wilson Road and Antelope Flats Road. Every time we’re there we see elk, moose, eagles, more buffalo than you can count, big horn sheep, and pikas. Pikas are adorable! They are like a chipmunk-chinchilla mix. I’ve also seen bears with cubs, in trees, and even a stand-off between a grizzly and a black bear. But what’s really amazing about Moose-Wilson and Antelope Flats Road is how up close and personal you can get to the wildlife, respectively of course.

I recommend everyone visit…Boston and Salem, Massachusetts…at least once. The history and architecture there is so rich. They have fascinating walking tours and the Old Town Trolleys are also a nice way to see the city. They are incredibly informative and you can jump on and off all day. I also enjoy the Duck Tours because there is so much to see from the water, too.

Vermont was a pleasant surprise…because my parents told me that we would be going there and I thought it would be incredibly boring. But then they took me to Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream factory & Cabot Creamery – a cheese factory and it was so fascinating to see how these delicious treats are made. I now know what curds and whey are. But I especially liked Ben & Jerry’s! Gotta love em!

My favorite restaurants in the U.S. are…11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach, Florida and Hurricane Grill. Maple Street is fine dining (on the expensive side) but oh so good.

The best wings I’ve ever had are at…Hurricane Grill. They have the largest selection of sauces I’ve ever seen. It’s an east coast chain, so absolutely try them if you come across one! It is definitely a must.

One of my favorite dishes is…Chicken Divan. It is a casserole of chicken pieces, scalloped potatoes, and broccoli with a creamy cheese sauce. The best I’ve found was at 125 Diner in Lee, New Hampshire, but sadly they are no longer open, there are other restaurants in the area that serve it, but so far I have only seen it in New England.

I really enjoyed Solvang, California. It is a little Danish village, with a multitude of cute shops with European goodies and beautiful local art.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire…is a charming seacoast city. They have great shops, restaurants, history tours, and tons of arts culture. In the summer they have festivals downtown and plays and entertainment in Prescott Park. They showcase musicians, dancers, and comedians for all ages. There is also a colonial town called Strawberry Banke. But my favorite part is driving all around Portsmouth and seeing plaques on the houses that tell you what year it was built. It is truly amazing how old they are, I’ve even seen houses from the 1600s.

We typically road trip in our RV…so we gas and go. We do a lot of overnights at KOAs and roadside grub stops.

My favorite airport in the US is…Minneapolis. I love the moose and Snoopy statues all over the terminals. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is also one of my favorites. It’s just so tiny and cozy. The best part is the welcome arch made of elk antlers. They are shed antlers that the local boy scouts collect on their treks. We loved the craftsmanship so much that we bought a wreath and Christmas tree made of them. I do have to admit that LAX and Atlanta are definitely NOT on my favorite airport list.

I’ve been travelling around the U.S. since I was a baby, so it’s a big part of me. I love exploring new places and seeing how different the world can be. Plus, it really is the best way to learn. I’ve learned more history from travelling than I’ve ever learned in all my years in school. So I definitely recommend to get going and explore what’s out there!

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  1. What an awesome young lady you are Ms. Ada-Nicole. And oh all the travels you’ve done around these U.S. and outside of its boundries. You are a very interesting girl and you have to thank your Mom and Dad for being by you. God bless you in your acting career.

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