Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Minn. native teen actor Jimmy Deshler

Minnesota native Jimmy Deshler is well adjusted to his new life in Los Angeles, but he will never stray far from his Minnesota roots. Jimmy is a resident of Port Charles after landing the role of Rafe on ABC’s long-running soap opera “General Hospital.” Jimmy will be on the big screen in the upcoming release “Beyond the Mat.” He spends his free time on the ice as a member of an LA-based ice hockey team. Here are his favorite places in America…


My favorite place to visit in the U.S. is…is Key Largo, FL. This is a vacation I take every year and it is one of those vacations that is truly just relaxing and taking in the sun. It’s just me, the hammock, and the sun. Oh, and of course, a little bit of fishing and snorkeling too.

The first thing I do when I go to Key Largo is…Put on my swim trunks and hit the deck of the boat. (We stay at a friend’s place who have a house boat.)

JimmyDeshler1Everyone should visit…the Black Hills/Rapid City area of South Dakota…at least once. It has the most amazing scenery from the rocky hills to Custer State Park. I like the rustic feel of the area, it’s not as “modernized” as some tourist areas. It takes you back in history in the small towns of Keystone and Hill City where you can see reenactments of gun fights in the street and ride the 1880s steam engine train. And then there’s Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse which are amazing and hard to believe that human hands are responsible for these landmarks.

A pleasant surprise was…the Black Hills because I expected that it wouldn’t be that exciting and the scenery wouldn’t be good. It turned out to be just the opposite, it has some of the most amazing roads, like Iron Mountain Road and the Pigtail Bridges. I would also recommend staying at Spokane Creek Cabins. It is in the middle of the hills with rustic log cabins but all the amenities and there are hills to hike right behind the cabins.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Las Margaritas in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

The best place to find…an amazing burrito…is at…at Las Margaritas in Cottage Grove, MN. This burrito is loaded with meat and cheese and topped with a white cheese sauce.

Some great towns people may not know about to visit are…Ojai, California; Duluth, Minnesota; Rapid City, South Dakota

My favorite road trip truck stop is…the TA Travel Center in Eloy, Arizona on I-10 & Toltec Rd. I love this stop on the way to my Grandma’s because there is a Taco Bell inside the store. No greasy truck stop food for me, just give me some Taco Bell.

My favorite airport in the US is…MSP-Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport, because it’s my hometown and it’s familiar. I can usually catch one of my favorite sports teams to watch while I wait for my flight or they have hundreds of free iPads with WiFi to use while you wait.