Boston Strong…Kindness of Strangers, A Forever Bond

A story on NBC News this week moved us to tears. Two men were strangers in Boston a week ago, but their lives intersected and will be forever intertwined. One man, 23-year old Rob Wheeler wasn’t even supposed to be in the marathon. But at the last moment, a friend who couldn’t make it, gave him his spot. He still has a sense of humor about “taking” the friend’s spot. 

Rob literally gave Ron Brassard the shirt off his back and wrapped it around Brassard’s badly injured leg.

BostonStrong3NBC News reporter Anne Thompson asked both in this NBC clip, “Do you believe in fate?” They both do now, they answered in Ron’s hospital room. “How can you not?” he said.

“We’re going to be, on May 19, attending Rob’s college graduation,” Ron said. “We are part of each other’s lives now.”