Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Indie Rockers Falling Still

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Falling Still released their self-titled EP this week, which boasts six anthems that are as gritty as they are catchy. Falling Still builds on the energy of the band’s previous releases with its raw and raucous rock energy and sees them firing on all cylinders like never before. They are originally from Ohio and here are their favorite places in America…


We have different favorite place in the U.S. to visit…Big Sur, California is a favorite place for unwinding and getting inspired. The Pacific Northwest is a favorite place for playing shows. Seattle and Portland are both beautiful cities, and very welcoming to our particular brand of rock and roll.

Our first stop…in Big Sur is the Redwood Grill. It’s an amazing, cozy bar and grill nestled into a grove of towering redwoods. I could just sit and drink there until my dying day. Portland has Powell’s Books, which takes up an entire city block. You can get lost in there for hours. The best thing to do in Seattle is just walk around in the rain. When you reside in Southern California, rain doesn’t come too often. So it’s a welcomed condition. Getting on a bus and just riding around is also an amazing way to experience a city.

Everyone should visit…Big Sur…at least once. It’s the most frighteningly beautiful place in America. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have no soul.

We’re originally from Akron, Ohio, and there’s still a lot of Midwest in us. Making it back to that area to visit and tour is always such a treat. Akron still loves us and we love them. Chicago is an amazing city to play, and we’ve had great times from Detroit all the way down to Louisville. We just have to remember not to go in the winter.

New York probably has the best food…particularly Brooklyn. There’s a taco place in Bushwick called The Tortilleria that destroys any tacos you can get in L.A. The spicy pork is the way to go.

We always have a lot of fun in college towns…We may be getting a little too old for it at this point, but it’s nice to go and party with the people who will probably be listening to our music the most. Columbus, Ohio, for instance, is an amazing city and it does have more to offer than just partying I’m sure, but that’s all we’ve ever done there.

There’s a rest area off the 40 near Amarillo, Texas…that we stop at every single time we drive through. It’s a beautifully designed rest area (believe it or not) and it sits high above the desert, so you can see for miles in all directions. It’s a very peaceful place that always rejuvenates us for more driving.

We often have more fun en route to a destination than at the destination itself. Driving around this country can be incredibly inspiring. The constant changing of the scenery coupled with hours upon hours of silent contemplation does wonders for the soul. Everyone who reads this should get in a car right now and start driving. Don’t stop until you hit Amarillo!