Made in the USA: Empowering Tools To Heal Almost Anything…

I was recently suggesting meditation CDs to someone that might help them in their healing process for a major operation or any other health or life issue one might have.

I love Dr. Brian Weiss, this traditionally trained psychotherapist who graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School had his own life changing journey, but now helps countless who come from all over the world to his training sessions. He is a gentle soul and his first two books changed my life in the mid-’90s and I had the honor of  interviewing him years ago, pre-his multiple appearances on Oprah. A friend recently attended his sold-out past-life regression workshop and it changed her life, so she bought his regression CDs for me as a gift. The “Regression to Time and Places” has a Healing Meditation on there and I love his soothing voice and have listened to this track even to help when I have trouble falling asleep.

Years ago, I didn’t know if Dr. Weiss even made audio tapes back then, but around that same time I was to have surgery, and a friend’s aunt told me casually as I mentioned my up-coming operation, that I should get these audio tapes made by Dr. Emmett Miller.

Dr. Miller is another titan in this area of spiritual healing that is Mind-Body medicine, which gives us empowering tools to heal ourselves. He is also another traditionally trained physician, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and when it comes to physical healing, he has always been my go-to source of helping to heal myself.

His “Healing Journey” helped my own recovery time to – I think it was less than 21 days – a full recovery, which surprised my doctor.

I want to thank Dr. Miller for coming up with tools to proactively help me and many, many others in our own healing. His tape was the first thing I grabbed out of ICU. Everyday in the hospital and back home, I focused on these meditation tapes. There were several healing CDs I recall using as well, including “Change the Channel on Pain,” “Heal Your Body” and “Awakening the Healer Within.”

I called his office the other day, after looking for and finding an unopened cassette tape of “Healing Journey” and I wondered if I could swap that for an MP3. I seemed to recall he was in Menlo Park back then, but found out he now has offices in Nevada City and Los Altos, California. I checked his website to see what they now offer and was pleasantly surprised there are so many items to choose from that you can meditate on.

There are now CDs and MP3s for anything you’d  like to work on – such as smoking cessation, insomnia, letting go of stress, abolish anxiety, accepting change and moving on (loss and letting go), down with high blood pressure, escape from depression, healing yourself from cancer, achieving self empowerment, inner child healing, launching your day, optimizing chemotherapy, permanent weight loss, personal excellence, letting go of stress (good for PTSD), alcoholism, and addition.

The nice lady who answered the phone at his Nevada City office said they make many of the CDs there in Nevada City but otherwise, everything is Made in the USA.

So if you have a few minutes, take a look at their website, buying something here will not only help you heal yourself in whatever area you’d like to meditate on, but, it will also support these amazing people in the town of Nevada City.

Thank you Dr. Miller for your service, will be listening to the MP3 tonight! Lots of love to you!