Celebrity Travel Spotlight: King’s Bullet

King’s Bullet is music for life, love, loss and the human condition. Formed in Nashville in 2012 by award winning songwriter and producer Trey Bruce and acclaimed songwriter Loni Rose, Kings Bullet are equal parts country, folk, Americana, and pop music. There self-titled debut EP is available on iTunes now. Here are some of Loni’s favorite places in the country… Continue reading

Hostess Closing…End Of An Era

Israel and Hamas were able to agree on a truce today, but yet our iconic American brand Hostess could not come to terms with its striking bakers union, so it is officially closing, costing 18,000 U.S. jobs. The 82-year old company made products that have become part of our vernacular such as Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Drake’s cakes.  Continue reading