Green Tea…An Amazing Little Drink

In recent years green tea has been touted in the news as an ultra healthy drink, full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Healthier than plain water. For those who don’t have enough green vegetables in their diet, try having this tea as a daily drink.  

If you’re not near a Japanese grocery store to buy authentic Japanese green tea, try the ethnic aisle in the supermarket or Costco offers a great authentic matcha green tea. Try steeping the tea bags for a very short time in just below boiling hot water, for 30 seconds or more, until you get the green color or to taste, and you can make a few cups with the same bag. It’s also great on ice. You can make some hot green tea and store it in the fridge like iced tea. I heard somewhere that if you squeeze a wedge of lemon it boosts the antioxidants.

If you want to read about the healthy benefits of this tea that they’ve been drinking in Asia for thousands of years, here is a recent article on green tea extract eradicating cancer cells. Try it as your daily go to beverage, hot or cold!