Massachusetts: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

One of the newest tourist attractions in eastern Massachusetts is one that celebrates our country’s early history at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The museum, which tells the story of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, re-opened in June and has been on the must-do list for many families visiting the area this summer. 

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With the help of technology and actors, history comes to life here. This is where colonists famously threw 340 tea chests overboard in a rebellion, which was the most important act that led to the American Revolution.

This was an eagerly awaited re-opening because the museum was struck by lightning and destroyed in 2001 and then in 2007, it caught fire from sparks at the nearby bridge construction site. It is now a state-of-the-art building, with fire suppressant systems and materials. The new museum is also more than twice the size and there are now two ships instead of one, both of which are historically accurate.

Visitors here learn about the events that led to Dec. 16, 1773. They meet a man who dresses as Paul Revere, they go onto the decks of the ship for a re-enactment of the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor.

Unlike the old museum, there’s lots of re-enactments with actors. Each guest is taken through the museum by an actor from the Boston Tea Party cast who explains the events and museum. There’s a high tech image of two women on the wharf talking about the Tea Party from a women’s perspective, and then they disappear, similar to a hologram.

There’s a portrait gallery in the museum, with portraits of people such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere and two of the portraits “come to life.” King George and Adams “talk to each other” a la the paintings in the Harry Potter movies. Although these two portraits have an argument with one another in the museum, the two men never actually met in real life. These conversations are based on their writings to one another.

Also prominently featured in the portrait gallery is the Robinson Half Tea Chest, one of only two existing tea crates from this historical event. And if you enjoy a cup of tea and scones in the museum’s tea room.

This is a great place to take the family if you’re looking for something fun and educational to do.

Tickets are discounted if purchased on the website at $22.50 for adults and $13.50 for children. It’s free for kids 3 and under. Boston residents can buy one get one free ticket to the museum and New England and New York residents can save $5 off the regular adult ticket price.

The museum is open seven days a week 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guided tours, which take place every 15 minutes, last about an hour.


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38 thoughts on “Massachusetts: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum”

  1. We are vacationing Massachusetts and New Hampshire for a few weeks and would love to see this museum!

  2. How exciting! This sounds like a really fun– and educational– experience! Can’t wait to visit it.

  3. it is a shame that people in mass. have not been able to take in all the rich history our great state has.

  4. it is a shame that people in mass. have not been able to take in all the rich history our great state has, especially boston. i have not been there in forever.

  5. Such a wonderful learning experience for all, especially those with Autism. To have a museum with some “hands on” historical information that helped Boston/ representation be what it is today.

  6. I’m glad I happened upon this article. I hadn’t heard about it and it sounds like a great place. I’m putting it on our “to do” list!

  7. Going home to Boston for a 2 week visit – have been living in the South for over 30 years and make the annual trek to recover my Boston accent! Did the museum many years ago when my children were quite young and would love to revisit the new facility! Will have to put it on my list of things to do on the way to the North End for some wonderful Italian food and more history!

  8. I was heartbroken when the former museum closed. I had taken the grandchildren there because we have an ancester who is listed as one of the “Mohawks” who tossed the tea in 1773. I have even taken family from France to the old site and I would love to visit the new museum.



  9. Visiting Boston in early October for the first time with my husband for our anniversary. Would love to tour this museum!

  10. With all the elections in the near future and the problems our country is facing the tea party musuem is a great chance for people to see our history up close and personal. It will give everyone a chance to understand why so many were fighting for their causes, and we will see our issues are not to far from where they were way back in the begining of our history here in America. Wonderful, can not wait to see it

  11. I never tire of visiting the many historical sites in and around Boston.
    I am anxious to be able to visit the new Tea Party museum soon.

  12. I would love to stop by and have a cuppa tea. Is there any left or was it all thrown overboard?

  13. Wow! I think that this will be the first trip I take after my recent retirement. My Dad was born in Boston and colonial history is dear to my heart. Can’t wait to see the museum.

  14. Going to Boston in a few weeks. Sounds like just the kind of thing I and my family would love to see! Used to live in Boston when I was a child and now I’d like to show my family as much as I can of the area.

  15. Thank you for publicizing the re-opening and expansion of the Boston Tea Party. As out-of-state visitors, we did not know why it closed and that it has re-opened. We hope to visit again the next time we’re in Boston, so please enter us in the ticket drawing.

    Alameda, California

  16. First of all, love your blog. We have such a gorgeous country, I’m trying to visit every one of our 50 states. Forget Europe! Traveling from Los Angeles to Boston for my birthday in October and would love to visit the Tea Party Museum. Thank you!

  17. Lived and worked hard in boston my whole life. 16 hrs a day,had a Bakery & Coffee stand at South Station,near the tea party wharfs. Retired and moved to California in 2004. Planning a trip in October to visit friends and family and would love to see the new exibit that i never could in my younger days. please consider me.thank you.

  18. We will be at Boston in October and want to visit the museum.
    Would be nice to have free ticket.

  19. I work on the Boston Waterfront and was lucky enough to watch the rebuilding of the Museum. The new building and the 2 ships have transformed our view of the Fort Point Channel. Job well done!

  20. ..have approached the Museum via kayak, and would be most interested in visiting. Congratulations on the success! Cindy

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