Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Keith Moody

Singer-songwriter Keith Moody was born and raised in Alabama. His granddad bought him his first guitar for Christmas when he was 16 and the music he writes and sings blends country, rock and blues. He’s touring the country now, supporting his CD “Dreaming Out Loud.” Here are Keith’s favorite places in America…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Austin, Texas. The vibe of that city is so great. Very independent and progressive but still very much Southern at its core. I dare you to even think about visiting anything chain related in Austin. Retail, food, and service is all indy and proud of it. This is probably the reason such great music has come from there from SRV to Spoon.

The first thing I do when I go to Austin is I go to…Depending on my mood one of four places. South Austin Guitar, they have great deals on guitars and accessories and it is worth a visit to see the picks collected from all the artists who have visited and it is also next door to the world famous Saxon Pub, one of the best venues in Austin and the world for seeing music. Waterloo or Cheap Records if I need tunes. Those are two fantastic indie record stores that put most others in the world to shame in new and used selection, great places for any music lover. That being said if you are hungry you might want to hit up Hopdoddy for an amazing grass fed Texas beef burger. Might I suggest the “Primetime”.

Everyone should visit…Austin…at least once. To experience the extensive live music scene. Austin has more music venues per capita than anywhere in the world and on any given night of the week if you know where to look you can find something to your liking that is outstanding and original.

Southern Louisiana…is a pleasant surprise. Most would probably gravitate to New Orleans and Houston and not really enjoy what is between them, and that is a big mistake. The Bayou is a great place to see lots of wildlife and catch some amazing live music and eat some of the best cuisine. Definately try to eat at Randol’s in Lafayette. The Cajun food is the real deal and they have Cajun music and dancing going on there every night. Also, Avery Island where they make tabasco sauce has an amazing wildlife preserve to check out. Also, while I might be an Alabama football fan, the ladies down at LSU know how to throw a party if you are there on a game weekend, and Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night is definately a bucket list thing for a serious sports fan.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Chappy’s Deli in Montgomery, AL. I have a favorite in almost every city, but this is my current favorite from my home town. I really like the vlub. I have gotten a club and a Dr. Pepper since I was seven years old. It is what they say it is New York flavor and Southern hospitality. They also have amazing breakfast.

The best place to find…tacos…is at…Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, TX. If you can take it and it is available while you are there, try the “Ace of Spades”  That is the biggest, craziest, most delicious taco ever!

A great town people may not know about that they should visit is…Tuscaloosa, AL especially during an Alabama football game weekend. I know I am biased, but you can walk the quad and take in an amazing atmosphere before a game. People tailgating and partying and watch the Alabama marching band warm up during the elephant stomp. One can tour the Paul W. Bryant football museum and catch a glimpse of the history behind why Alabamians and Southerners in general are so crazy about football. You can also watch the team enter the stadium at the walk of champions and thats all before you head into the game. Once inside Bryant-Denny Stadium, you realize you are in one of sports greatest cathedrals much like going to Wrigley Field, Fenway Park or Lambeau Field. Once the game is over and the Tide has prevailed as always you can make a short walk to the strip and listen to some music and dance or just hang out at the Houdstooth one of the top sports bars in the country according to Sports Illustated and watch other games.

Southfork Truckstop…is a great truck stop. It’s on I-30 at exit 63 Gurdon, Arkansas and I love this place because of the Southfork Restaurant. It is a 24 hour mom and pop diner located in a truck stop, but it has the best omelet I have ever eaten. Definitely the best late night food on I-30. If you are living off of Subway and grocery store sald bars alot, this place is amazing comfort food for a more than fair price. The whole band ate well there for 6 bucks a person.

My favorite airport in the U.S. is…Nashville BNA. It does a great job of showing even someone passing through my current home city on a layover a piece of Nashvegas. They even have cheesy cut outs of Country stars welcoming people and they even have a Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. I love it, and they have’t lost any baggage yet…knock on wood.