Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Traci Dinwiddie

Traci Dinwiddie has been in movies such as “The Notebook,” but when she joined the cast of CW’s “Supernatural” she reached a larger fanbase as a recurring guest on the sci-fi series and  quickly became a fan favorite. Among other interests, she is also a yogini. Here are some of her favorite places in the country… Continue reading

Made in South Dakota…Unique Made In The USA Gift Ideas

As we strive to support our economy and boost jobs in America, South Dakota has a good resource called Made in South Dakota. Here are just a few ideas for your home, the next meal, or as uniquely Made in South Dakota gifts… Continue reading

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Alan Quitman of Janus

Chicago-based alt-metal band Janus just released their fourth album “Nox Aeris” with their first single “Stains.” Janus has toured all over and are currently touring the country now. Here are bassist Alan Quitman’s favorite places in America, including where to get the best pizza in the world… Continue reading