Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Gipsy on Discovery’s “The Devils Ride”

Discovery Channel debuted a new reality show “The Devils Ride” this month which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. and has been referred to as the real life “Sons of Anarchy.” It’s a look at the San Diego motorcycle club “Laffing Devils.” Gipsy, part-time bounty hunter who rides a 42 Road King Custom, had several tours in Iraq and longed for the brotherhood he had in the Marines, so he started the club. Here are Gipsy’s favorite places in America…


My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…BisbeeArizona. There are several reasons that I love to ride and visit Bisbee…there’s the ride of course. It’s gorgeous and I feel like I’m some cowboy on an iron horse riding through the countryside of the Old West. Bisbee itself, the queen of the copper camps, takes me back to a place I know I shoulda been born in – the Old West. It’s amazing – the buildings, the mountains and hills, the smell in the air…just the feel. Bonanza baby!

When I arrive in Bisbee the first thing I do is…head to the Bisbee Grand Saloon to quench my thirst and east some awesome chow. Plus, the atmosphere is exceptional. I feel like Doc Holiday is gonna walk in any minute.

Everyone should visit…Bisbee…at least once. It’s a hidden gem. It seems like not a whole lot of people visit there, probably they just pass by and never give it a second look, but it’s awesome and is definitely work an hour or so just to say that you’ve been there. At times you expect to see a tumbleweed blow across the street and that there’s nothing to do but take a moment, and walk into some of the stores and you’ll be hooked.

By all means, the Sturgis ride through the Black Hills in South Dakota…is a pleasant surprise. Wow! It’s breathtaking. I never want the ride to end and when it does there’s Deadwood, another Old West town that I just love to visit and stay in. You would think that it would be “dead” pardon the pun, but whether it’s during the Sturgis Rally or off season, it’s an awesome place and ride to be involved in.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Pietro’s Cucina Italiana in La Mesa, California. It’s here in town and serves my favorite food – Italian!…Mangare!

My favorite dish is…Stromboli and served at a very unusual place, the Four Kegs in Las Vegas, Nevada. This place is a total dive but the service is amazing and the food is incredible. I have had Stromboli all over the country and the Four Kegs is the bomb.

Some great towns to visit are…Morro Bay, CA, San Simeon, CA and of course Bisbee, AZ

An awesome truck stop…off the 15 heading into Vegas is Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner. This place is really cool and has totally awesome food. You expect James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis to be sitting at the bar.

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  1. The Devils Ride is a tv show about a motorcycle club or MC that is based out of southern california. The Laffing Devils MC is a group of guys who like to ride motorcycles. It is a discovery channel show that is a reality tv show about a group of guys known as the Laffing Devils. The Devils Ride is very popular already.
    The Devils Ride

  2. Want to talk with Gipsy, I can’t mend his broken heart issues. I’m just the woman he needs and can do the job.

  3. Love the show hope Gipseys new clubs evolves a love that he likes Bizbee, az. Next time you come by pick my ass up. Lol

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