A heartwarming story about an industrious little boy…

Caine’s Arcade is a short film about a 9-year old boy in East Los Angeles that went viral this week and even the TV news coverage like thisABC News “World News Tonight” piece on his inspiring story has brought tears to many eyes. Local stations in his city covered the 700 people that came out to support Caine’s cardboard arcade. 

Caine Monroy is an industrious little 9-year old boy who spent a summer making a vast cardboard arcade (complete with tickets that come out from the inside of the cardboard box) in his dad’s used auto parts store, in hopes that people would come and spend $1 to visit. No one showed up until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick came by to look for a door handle.

Things happen for reasons in life. And beyond finding a door handle, Mullick found an inspiring story about a little boy that tugs at our heartstrings and brought out the kindness of fellow human beings. For Caine, this first customer may have been an Earth angel.

At a time when some feel technology is overwrought and too many people and kids are glued to their smart phones and games, possibly stifling creativity and ingenuity, here is a touching tale about a little boy who makes something not only with his hands, but with his heart and innocence.

Apparently many people have felt the same way and have donated  more than $150,000 to his college fund. You hope this this innocent and imaginative boy won’t change too much from all this, but instead will stay inspired for years to come. It’s good to know he’ll now get the chance to go to college and learn and do great things down the road…Good luck Caine!