Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Style Network’s Glamo

We’ve seen wardrobe stylist Glamo on Style Network’s Glam Fairy. He’s also been on MTV’s MADE and is the creative force behind the Glamore Deluxe Company. Here are his favorite places in America, including where to find the best jambalaya…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Miami, Florida. Miami is a city full of culture, good food, lovely weather, great night life and good shopping!

The first thing I do when I go to Miami is…I grab a frozen drink, like a Miami Vice, and hit South Beach for the sites and fun in the sun.

Everyone should visit…Home sweet home, New York City… at least once. Think what you may about New Yorkers but the city itself has a spirit all its own. Whatever you want, New York has it and then some…

The Southwest, namely cities like Chandler, Arizona…is a pleasant surprise…because once you get over the heat, the scenery is like a surreal therapy. The warm clay colors of the homes and eye catchy mountainous surroundings are so so very magical.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…No fair to have to name just one place. I’m a foodie and my restaurant visitations are many. Just make sure it’s hot and beyond flavorful.

The best place to find…Jambalaya!!!…is at…Dooky Chase in New Orleans, LA. I’m a true seafood lover and a sucker for jambalaya or gumbo and this place has the absolute best!

A great town people may not know about to visit is…Cambridge, MD and most of the eastern shore of MD is awesome. Surrounded by beaches, open land and great food. Such a hidden treasure in my opinion.

A great truck stop is…Can’t call it. I can honestly say that I have not visited a bad truck stop. Truckers get to eat so good!

My favorite airport in the US is…any airport with on-time flights and polite TSA workers. So I guess I’m with the rest of Americans who are still patiently waiting to declare a favorite airport.

For more information, follow Glamo on Twitter @SimplyGlamo and like his Facebook page.

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  1. I would give wat to have you do me over..I totally admire you.. Wen I saw u the 1st time on glamfairy I fell inlove wit all of you!!!!! U good @ wat u do and I wish u all the best in all your achievements!!!!
    Love u lots like jelly tots, much more dan vodka shots!!!!!!


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