Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Elan Atias

Plucked from obscurity to fill the hallowed shoes of Bob Marley, reggae’s “young lion” Elan Atias became the frontman for the legendary band The Wailers. With his sol album “We Are” Atias builds on his devotion to Marley by blending pop, soul and reggae. He performs at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Beauties and Beats Music Fest on Feb. 15 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas at 8 p.m.. which is free. Here are Elan’s favorite places in America, including where to find the best shawarma…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Los Angeles, which is my home because being on tour for so long, you miss your family and friends. Plus L.A. is the best place to be because you have everything and can do everything. You can eat at great restaurants, go to the beach, surf, skate and snowboard all in one day. Everything is 20 minutes away! And L.A. has the best weather all year round!!

The first thing I do when I go to home to L.A. is I go to…my own bed to sleep in. Then visit family and friends and go to my favorite food spots – Chappa, Tomato Pie, La Siene, Katsuya.

Everyone should visit …L.A.…at least once because…they should see what they are missing living somewhere else! Check out the history, the landmarks, the beaches, the mountains and the variety of fine dining.

Destin,FL…is a pleasant surprise. I thought it would be boring but was a lot of fun and all the locals were really cool.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Bazaar in Los Angeles at the SLS Hotel because of the quality of food, the way the chef prepares the dishes and the restaurant’s atmosphere.

The best place to find…shawarma…is at…Kosher on Wheels in Downtown L.A. on 15th in the alley between Los Angeles St. and Main. It is hands down best shawarma in the U.S.!

Big Bear Lake…is a great getaway from the big city. And it has a lot of things to do all year round such as mountain biking, snowboarding/skiing, waterskiing, fishing.

Any Flying J…is a great truck stop. They are everywhere and have everything!

My Favorite airport in the U.S. is…the Las Vegas airport because in case my flight gets delayed for some reason, at least I can gamble away the hours.