Explore: Nebraska’s Sandhill Crane Migration

The ability to see wildlife in their natural migratory pattern elicits visions of Africa and the great wildebeest migration. But you don’t have to fly to another continent to see an epic migration in progress. Each March, half a million Sandhill Cranes fly through Nebraska making this state unique in its offering for many animal and bird lovers, including legendary anthropologist Jane Goodall, known for her work with the chimpanzees in Africa. Also see this piece in Huffington PostContinue reading

Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Comic Sebastian Maniscalco

In comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s upcoming Showtime special “What’s Wrong With People?” he tries to bridge the Italian-American Old World he grew up in with the contemporary frenetic world we live in today. This original, relatable, upcoming comic has been doing standup to sold-out audiences lately. You may have seen him on “The Tonight Show” for his act, or as a special correspondent, or as one of the comics on Vince Vaughn’s “Wild West Comedy Sh0w.” His Showtime special premieres this Thursday Jan. 5 at 9:30 p.m. The DVD of the special, along with bonus features, is out in March. He travels 100,000 miles a year. Here are his favorite places in the country, including the best chocolate chip cookies he’s ever tasted and the best place to get a burger or hotdog… Continue reading