RIP Patrice O’Neal

Comedian and actor Patrice O’Neal passed on early in the morning on Nov. 29. He was 41. In rereading even this little Motor Trend Celeb Drive feature this year where some of us car enthusiasts first got introduced to him, it was an unusual venue to display his interesting mind at work, where he was just expounding about his Dodge. You could tell he was an introspective, nostalgic soul, and a thoughtful human being. He contemplates and struggles about driving a car that isn’t flashy, but then tells himself to be a leader and keep the car, as in not be materialistic about it. Later he says he drives to his old Boston neighborhood to peek out of his car and spot old friends. At the end he seemed to say he wanted to help people with what he learned in an upcoming CD.

We saw him more recently where he blew everyone away by closing the epic Charlie Sheen roast and going off script. When you watched him, he not only made you laugh, you were pulling for him. He really did have the charisma of a vintage Bill Cosby. He seemed a gentle giant and the world could have used him a lot longer, we need as many good people here, but for whatever reason only his soul knows, this was his time. So RIP Patrice and beyond the talent and LOL laughter you brought us, thank you for being the good, introspective soul to the people who got to spend time with you or watch you…