Celebrity Travel Spotlight: honeyhoney

The SoCal-based band honeyhoney is made up of Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe and they’ve just released their second album “Billy Jack.” They have a sound that has been described as evoking California’s hippie dust bowl fringe, but it defies genres with its Woody Guthrie-esque folk sound with hints of Buffalo Springfield, Bonnie Raitt and Rickie Lee Jones blended in. Here are some of Suzanne’s favorite places to visit in the country…

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…Cleveland, Ohio, as it is my hometown. I love it any time of year, even when the winter cold could quite possible freeze your face off. Cleveland gets a bad rap mostly because we harbor the most pitiful sports teams on the planet, however there are so many hidden gem bars, restaurants and theaters that are overlooked.  (I am also deeply and possibly irrationally optimistic about an upswing in the football, basketball and baseball front for Cleveland.)

The first thing I do when I go to Cleveland is…I go to the Great Lakes Brewing Co. This bar speaks to me on a spiritual level really. Their Christmas Ale holds a tender spot in my heart as it truly embodies the spirit of Christmas in every drop and is a hot commodity in town, to say the least. It’s like drinking a liquid pine tree doused in cinnamon and sprinkled with laughter. The bar also has a bullet hole in the wall that is rumored to have been put there by Eliot Ness himself.

Everyone should visit…New Orleans…at least once.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The music, the food, the sass.  This potentially haunted town is sexy and romantic and I love it.

Aspen, Colorado…is a pleasant surprise. Ben and I played there three times this past year. We really wanted to hate it as there is a rumored bourgeois stereotype that can be a happiness drainer to vagabond rockers such as ourselves, but really the town is full of nice people and is incredibly beautiful all year round.

My favorite restaurant in the U.S. is…Gjelina in Venice Beach California. The food alone will get you drunk on deliciousness.  The vibe is dark, candle lit and makes me want to eat good food, drink good wine and tell good stories with good company all night.

The most delicious and outrageous pancakes of all time…can be found at the Griddle Cafe in Los Angeles. Aside from the painfully good looking waitstaff, the breakfast selections are like none other. I’m crazy for their red velvet pancakes.

Some great towns people may not know about to visit are…Madison, WI is gorgeous and full of good people. Williamstown, MA (Ben Jaffe’s hometown) is a historical hotbed for rad. It’s a tiny tiny town surrounded by mountains and beautiful old houses and buildings. Austin Texas has unbelievable music and restaurants. This is a town where there is never a night with nothing to do.  Lastly, I am a huge fan of Denver. We’ve played some of my favorite honeyhoney shows there and have always had a blast kickin it with the locals.

Oh man, I can’t remember the name of the truck stop or the road, but the location is on the outskirts of Colorado. This truckstop in particular had an extraordinary selection of hand crafted mugs. As a coffee/tea enthusiast, I didn’t think twice about spending $17.99 on one of the most glorious mugs I’ve ever laid my brown eyes on. Seriously…that mug had me giddy for days and will forever be a staple in my kitchen. (That is if I don’t tragically break it one day. Then I’ll have to find my way back to this truck stop that I don’t know the name of on the road I can’t remember.)