Celebrity Travel Spotlight: Actor and Comic Gary Owen

Actor and comedian Gary Owen is one of the headliners of the Shaquille O’Neal “All-Star Comedy Jam” which is currently touring the country. As a stand up comic, it’s given that he ‘s always on the road. So naturally, Gary has a lot to say about some of his favorite places to visit in the country.

If you can’t see Gary on the road at one of his gigs live, you can catch him on his new comedy special coming out on DVD this spring. He can also been seen this March in the Screen Gems comedy “Think Like A Man” based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, where he co-stars with Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union. He also co-stars as “Zach” the barber on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” on TBS and co-starred in the films “Daddy Day Care,” “Rebound” and “Little Man.” Gary served in the Navy and was named “Funniest Serviceman in America” and was also chosen for the prestigious Presidential Honor Guard.

My favorite place in the U.S. to visit is…San Diego because the weather is always perfect and it’s where I started doing stand-up. So it brings back a ton of memories.

The first thing I do when I go to San Diego is…go to Wings N Things. I love the boneless mild buffalo chicken strips. It’s also cheap, fellas – take a date there if you are worried about how much she’s gonna eat.

Everyone should visit…Marco Island, Florida at least once. Go jet skiing through the Everglades and dolphins and manatees swim right next to you. Manatees are huge!!!!

Pittsburgh, PA…is a pleasant surprise…Being born and raised in Cincinnati, you are told Pittsburgh Steelers fans are evil. I actually enjoy and admire the passion and love the people have for the Steelers and their city. Nothing like going to a Steelers game.

My favorite restaurant to eat at in the U.S. is…Precinct in Cincinnati. They have the best rib eye steak in the world. I will argue this till the day I die. Delicious.

The best place to find…great sushi…is at…Midori in Los Angeles. The fish is so fresh it’s scary. I can’t eat sushi anywhere else. It’s kind of a curse and a blessing eating there ’cause I love sushi.

Some great towns are…San Luis Obispo, CA. Greensboro, NC and Louisville, KY.

Any…truck stop is great…because they are open 24 hours and have everything for sale that you don’t need. VCR tapes – really??

My favorite airport…is a tie between Detroit because it has a Coffee Bean in it and Houston International because it has a Pappadeaux (Can you tell I like to eat?).

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